CME Workshop

CME or continuing medical education is a part of doctor’s resource to further a medical education and continue their professional development.

To help doctors maintain, develop and increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance and relationships they use to provide services for patients, the public and the profession, Subbaiah Trust offers resources that include a wide range of continuing medical education (CME) activities that foster lifelong learning. Credits can be earned by successfully completing these CME activities.

Doctors will find information here about the Subbaiah Trust Recognition Award, award recognizing the doctors participating in CME Workshop. Other doctors for continuing medical education are available, including other ways to earn credits.

CME participants can access the Credit System booklet to obtain information about formats of learning that can be designated for credits, and general provider requirements. The Subbaiah Trust offers e-library for participants and others interested in learning more about specific continuing medical education topics.

CME Conducted 2016-17